Dr. Tsomo

Tibetan Healing Group PhotoIn August, 1985, Dr. Tsomo graduated from Gannan Tibetan Traditional Medical School, and was hired in Gannan Tibetan Hospital in Xiahe (Labrang), where she worked for five years.  In 1990, she was transferred to the hospital department of the Gansu Province Institute of Tibetan Medicine,where she worked for eight years. Even though she had her medical degree, she continued to study for six years further.  While in Gansu Province, she participated in research and distance learning with the Gansu Province School of Medicine. 

Tibetan healingIn 1994 she studied Astrology with Professor Sherap Chupal.  She received special training by the famous Tibetan medical experts Tore Tsenam Rinpoche in Lhasa, and with Dr. Thanpa in Amdo, and with Dr. Dankao and other nationally known speakers in Tibetan theory and clinical courses. In March 1998, Dr. Tsomo received Tibetan Medicine Physicianqualifications, and from 2000-2006 she opened and ran her own private Tibetan healing practice in Dharamsala. Here, she practiced Tibetan oil massage, herbs back massage, acupuncture, fire cupping, wind cupping, needlemoxa, and distance moxa.
In 2006, Body Balance invited Dr. Tsomo to Austria to see a patient. 

Soon after, she moved to Belgium.  Since her move to Europe, she has been invited to treat patients in Russia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.